Lucy Bamforth, M.Sc.

Promotionsfach: Psychology
Fachbereich/Arbeitsbereich: Faculty of Social Sciences, Media, and Sports
Dissertationstitel/Arbeitstitel: Examining the impact of stress on prospective memory in individuals living in communities affected by humanitarian crises
Mentor an der JGU: Prof. Dr. Anne Mareike Altgassen
Thema der Dissertation:
Prospective memory is an important cognitive function that is vulnerable to stress. However, research on the relationship between stress and prospective memory has focused overwhelming on European or North American populations. Using questionnaires, lab-based tasks, and naturalistic assessments, this PhD will examine the impact of stress on prospective memory in three populations affected by humanitarian crises, with a control population in Germany.
09/2019 – 11/2020 MSc Psychological Studies
University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, UK)
Thesis: Stress Effects on Prospective Memory: A Cross-Cultural Study
10/2011 – 12/2012 MSc Violence, Conflict, and Development
School of Oriental and African Studies (London, UK)
Thesis: Examining Changing Gender Roles and Protracted Exile in East African Refugee Settlements
09/2006 – 06/2010 Bachelor of Journalism and History
Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)
12/2013 Gender and Migration: Changes and Challenges
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2021 – heute Collaborative study with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) examining the impact of stress on prospective memory in two cross-cultural populations (Hong Kong and the UK)