Maryna Grytsai, M.A.

Doctoral subject:  Media studies (Medienwissenschaft)
Working title of the dissertation: Can Transnational Public Sphere Contribute to Better Media Coverage of Conflict and War?
Department: Journalistisches Seminar, JGU
Mentor at the JGU: Prof. Dr. Katja Schupp
In my dissertation project I am exploring the role of the media in conflict and war at the example of selected media coverage of the Russian war in Ukraine. I combine theoretical approaches of conflict and peace theories, conflict coverage and communication theories (framing theory, transnational public sphere theory) with the content analysis of selected media coverage, particularly one related to cultural diplomacy practice. I want to investigate whether the media can contribute to the creation of a transnational public sphere and thus – to a better coverage of conflict, crisis and war.
01/2020 – now Research associate at the Journalist Department of the University of Mainz

  • Lehrredaktion Dokumentarisches Arbeiten: supervising and training students making documentary films
  • Organized cooperation with journalism students of Sumy State University, Ukraine, within the course “Media in Global and European Context” (Prof. Katja Schupp)
2009 – 2011: Master of Arts, International Media Studies, Bonn, Germany
Deutsche Welle Akademie, University of Bonn, the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. Scholarship of DAAD.
Master thesis “A visual framing analysis in conflict context: selective photographic news coverage in North Africa”
2006 – 2007: Master’s Degree at the Kyiv Institute for Translators and Interpreters, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 – 2006: Bachelor’s degree, philology, and media, Sumy State University, Ukraine.
2006 Presented a talk “Germanic borrowings in Ukrainian as a reflection of historical relations” at a conference “Belarus and Ukraine: which neighbours to the European Union?” at the École normale supérieure , Paris, France.
Journalist in a Media War: a Squire or a Peacemaker?журналіст-у-медіавійні-зброєносець-ч
The ways the media can contribute to positive conflict transformation without becoming activists or advocates.
Trolling - Terrorism - News
Terrorism as a media event: how can the media avoid being involved in a media war?
Euromaidan: Conflict and Crisis. What is the Role of the Media?
Media coverage of Euromaidan (the Revolution of dignity in 2013) in Ukrainian and Russian media: radicalization and polarization as indicators of deep involvement in a conflict and potential further escalation.