Lena Heine, M. Sc.

E-Mail: lena.heine@uni-mainz.de
Promotionsfach: Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences, Media, and Sports)
Dissertationstitel/Arbeitstitel: It's in your hands: Sign augmented communication in language learning
Mentor an der JGU: Jun. Prof. Nicole Altvater-Mackensen
Thema der Dissertation:
Sign augmented communication has successfully been applied to foster linguistic and communicative skills in children with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, SLI and intellectual disabilities. As a consequence of the UN Charter on inclusion, an increasing number of German daycares have inclusive concepts and employ sign augmented communication as a mean to ease communication, not only with children with special needs but also with typically developing children. The intended project aims to study children’s recruitment of speech accompanying gestures in language learning by conducting an intervention study with preschoolers.
Since 02/2020 Scientific Assistant – University Medical Center Mainz, Department of Research
09/2021 – 08/2022  Master of Science Psychology - spec Developmental Psychology
Maastricht University
Thesis: Sign-Priming: Sign augmented communication in language processing
10/2020 – 10/2021 Scientific Assistant – University Medical Center Mainz, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy: Longitudinal Resilience Assessment LORA
09/2017 – 06/2020  Bachelor of Science Psychology
Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz, Minor: Neuropsychology
Thesis: Gebärden-Priming: Die Integration von Gebärden in das lexikalische Gedächtnis bei hörenden Kindern im Vorschulalter
Since 12/2020  Advisory for Talking Hands Flipbooks GmbH
workshops to establish the use of flipbooks illustrating signs of sign augmented communication (Gebärden-unterstützte Kommunikation) in inclusive kindergartens and schools